Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a short time, but underestimate how much they can achieve in a long time.

Or like a Chinese proverb say: “Even the longest way starts with the first step”


Why do many people fail with their New Year RESOLUTION?

Be it to lose weight, stop smoking, getting healthier and fitter, be on time for appointments or just watching less TV – very fast there are many “reasons” why you can’t do this or that to achieve your resolution for example it is your schedule with kids’ school, it is the weather, it is your work or it is your this and that or everything that is against you…..and you will say: “you don’t understand my situation is different”

Dos this sounds familiar to you?

Should you give up at all to make “new year resolutions” or setting up goals for your life? After all, by giving up setting New Year Resolution, you cannot fail.

Well – if you like to live a life in mediocre life and are willing to accept that others set up goals for you be it your boss, your partner, your kids or even your friends then do not set new goals or a New Year Resolution. ? Just wait and see what life will have for you and do not be surprised if it is actually not what you wanted at all.

So how to make sure you can achieve more in 2016?

Less is more

Focus on less goals but commit more on it. Maybe you even want to focus just on one single goal.

Do a plan and write down exactly how you will achieve this goal and work with commitment and most important with excitement towards this one goal.

Set up an environment which is supporting your goal. Surround yourself with likeminded people.

Walk away from all those negative people or friends who are holding you back and always say “you cannot”. You know – all those who whatever you say or do, they will reply with: “you will never be able to get this done” or “you always fail – you will fail again” or “ this is not possible” or “too difficult” or “too hot” or “too much rain” or “too many obstacles” or “you have no time” and so on.

I’m sure you understand what i mean.IMG_3214

Make sure you surround yourself with likeminded people. Get your partner to either help or support you (not supporting you then “stay out of your way”). Join a Club with people who have the same goal like you and make sure that every step you do is towards you goal. No matter how small the step will be as long it is into the right direction – it will lead you to your goal.

If you like to get more support, join us in our SlimAndClub activities (see or contact one of our coaches. After all – it is proven that a fit body can achieve more in all aspects of life: personal, professionally, spiritually and in your community too.


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