Boost your performance with Herbalife Nutrition If top Athletes around the world, Athletes like Christiano Ronaldo (Soccer, Portugal), Florian Droux (Judo, Switzerland), Heather Jackson (Triathlon, USA), Low Wee Wern (Squash, Malaysia), Mc Mary Korn (Boxing, India) and many more are using Herbalife Nutrition to boost their performance, we can be absolutely convinced that we also can boost our performance, even if we are “just” an amateur or weekend warrior athletes. Picture: Joanna with Tine Holst in Zuerich, Switzerland, after the B2Run Herbalife Nutrition Congratulates Heather Jackson and Tine Holst on their Ironman World Championship Results LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Herbalife (NYSE: HLF), a global nutrition company, congratulatesRead More →

Like world-class athletes know, a person with desire but no dedication will never achieve much. Jim Rohn August 14, 2016 Every four years the world is given the gift of the Olympics. For a few weeks, nations lay down their arms and come together to let their world-class athletes compete on a level playing field to find the best in the many events. It boggles the mind what these young men and women can accomplish with their bodies—great feats of skill and determination bring them to the pinnacle of athletic achievement. Incredible. As I think about what it takes to become a world-class athlete capable of competingRead More →

Great athletes are not born great. They are molded into legends through hard work, experience, and setbacks. Some of the greatest athletes of all time, the rule changers, have qualities that extend beyond talent, genetics, training, nutrition, recovery, and work ethic. Their success came from something much deeper: mindset. Any athlete who wishes to climb to the top must find inspiration from the greats and adopt these four powerful mindsets. When something has never been done before, it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Great athletes are fueled by the chance to reach seemingly insurmountable goals. When people say that something is physically impossible,Read More →

8 Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Do Bridges Every Day Its pretty obvious 2015 is the year of the butt in fitness. Glutes have become the it muscles of the minute. Theyre so popular theyve even started the butt selfie (belfie) trend. So butts are everywhere in fitness today and for good reason. I would argue that the glutes may be the most important muscle group in the body. Unfortunately, in our sedentary society, we spend much of the day sitting on our butts instead of using them. This has lead to an an epidemic of flat, flaccid, underused glutes. Many of theRead More →

It all starts with the same amount of money—just a different philosophy. Jim Rohn Here is an exciting thought! Why not work full time on your job and part time on your fortune? And what a feeling you’ll have when you can honestly say, “I’m working to become wealthy. I’m not just working to pay my bills.” When you have a wealth plan, you’ll be so motivated that you’ll have a hard time going to bed at night. So if you will indulge me, I would like to share a simple formula for creating wealth. Here’s my thought on how money should be allocated. TheRead More →