Marathon, black silhouettes of runners on the sunset
We are adding more programs

Details will be available in a short while

Running Clinics:

Run Smarter, Run Better

If you just want to start getting into running – or if you’re already a seasoned runner – we will get you to the next level.

  • Run Long: Build essential endurance
  • Run Fast: Working on your speed will improve your overall running performance
  • Run Tough: Running nature trails offers new challenges

Cycling Clinics:

Are you new to cycling or are you already a vivid cyclist? Improve your skills with Cyclocross training (on – and off road skills)

This includes:Clip in / clip outCyclocross_runup
Emergency brake
Bunny Hops
Standing / Out of saddle climbing
No Hands riding
One Hand riding
Clipping out in the move
Clipping in on the move
White lines drills
and many more drills and skills

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