I’m sure you observed this: a plant that does not grow anymore – dies!

How about human beings? Aren’t we supposed to grow daily – Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Personally and Spriitually?

Indeed  –


To move our body, our brain, everything in us needs to be exercised daily. That’s how we keep healthy, fit and strong.

Move_BasketplayerWe are not designed for sitting in front of a monitor eight hours a day with only a limited range of movements in our wrists and fingers. Or…staring into small smart-phone screens unconscious of our body position?

Any kind of regular exercise has been found to be the most powerful anti-depressant, mood lifter and mental function enhancer. It also helps the body to detoxify and self regulate, reduce incidence of heart attack, high blood pressure, and many common illnesses.

We put up with fatigue, back pain, bad moods, being overweight as facts of life but all these and more can be so easily reduced with just moving our body even 20 minutes a day. Investing as little as 20 minutes a day into our “Wellness Account”, we save millions in medical bills and losses in the form of sufferings from diseases and low quality of life once we grow older.

What do we get in return – a longer, more enjoyable and productive lifestyle for you and your loved ones? Wouldn’t you say that this sounds like a really good investment in one self?

We know – the first step to start with a regular fitness program is sometimes a challenge. That is the reason why SlimNFitClub designed a great program to support you – step by step.

Fall in Love with fitness

To fall in love with fitness may sound “too much of a stretch” for you. But it is not that difficult as it sounds – if you have the right guidance, a motivating group around you, and a smart combination of exercise, fun, recovery time and understanding the power of nutrition.

Imaging climbing a set of stairs and not getting out of breath; running faster than your children; waking up in the morning, stretching and feeling fully alive; standing proudly when someone says: “Let me help you with that suitcase” and you saying: “No thanks, I can do it myself”!

We learn about ourselves through exercise; the belief that we can overcome obstacles to achieve our goals; the tenacity to follow through on the life we design for ourselves; the ability to pick ourselves up when we fall. And this carries over directly into the rest of our lives. Fall in love with fitness because it’s good for you, yes, but also because it will be a powerhouse for the rest of your life.

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And this is the point: Exercise and the right nutrition will make you feel strong and in control

And we know you will, absolutely 100%, you will feel better once you have it done and it becomes a habit for you. You know it because like thousands of people already there – nobody regrets it afterwards. And once you have done it, you can do it again and again – it will become your habit; and a very good habit. Once you feel so good, you don’t want to go back.

Moving your body will be a joy, rewarding and a great feeling every day! Join us, together it’s easier to do the first step, and our guidance will help you learn all the small but important steps for a long lasting result!

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