If not now – when then?

Have you ever met people who are telling you that tomorrow they will start getting fitter, or going to the gym, or eating healthier? Tomorrow they will ……but somehow tomorrow never comes.


Stop procrastinating, give yourself a kick and do it NOW!

Be aware – all excuses are equaly irregardless what you’re trying to do next. If you’re only plan to act – but never get into real ACTION, then you will never get what you are planing for.

We see this in our clubs many times. People can achieve many things – if the would just do it. Most time it’s not a questions of “can i” – its a question of “will i” !

Our coaches are very motivated to work with our members independent where their fitness level currently are, what are their body shapes or any weight issues.

Our coaches will help everybody to become his best and overcome all excuses. You can see some of our members who overcome the excuses for not able to run and yet signed up for their FIRST 5km, 10km and even half marathon (see our testimonials)

And guess what? They are all very proud of their achievements and gain a lot of confidence all thanks to SlimAndFitClub exercise programs which help them to build stamina to finish their runs.

How you do anything is how you to everything!

Stop listening to your little voice inside your head telling you that today is too hot or too cold to do something or it is heavy traffic or it is raining or it is getting late or too early to get up…..

It is not only about joining a fitness activity – you will find this behaviour probably also in other areas of your life. Start with small steps – start changing from who you have been in the past to who you can become in the future. All it takes is one step at a time. Sound simple and easy right?

If not now – when then?

Will you finally join an exercise club? Will you finally learn and apply a better eating habit? Will you finally stepping up and become what you can be? Much more then you may think – and we can help you!

Everything starts with your first step!

Do you first step now, not tomorrow. Just do it!

We are looking forward to having a great and fun workout with you. Choose one of our various clubs which is best for you and fill out the form – NOW! Will you?


Angelo is a (ACE) certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and group fitness instructor and the founder of SlimAndFitClub. He is a passionate fitness enthusiast and loves to help people to achieve their health & fitness goals.

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