The Universal Truth About Doing Exercise

Exercise comes in many forms and types, just like human bodies come in all shapes and sizes. However, there is one universal truth about exercise. Done correctly and regularly, your body will thank you for it with a long and healthy life.

You love your family! Imagine yourself being able to walk a few steps and carry your tired kid without getting out of breath. Or helping your wife or your mom to carry the heavy shopping bag without needing to rest every few seconds cause your muscles are not used the extra weight. Or going with your friends for a hike or walk in the park – and being able to have a easy conversation while you’re walking or hiking.

How about those with bigger goals,  to run 10k, a half marathon or even more? Wouldn’t it be great not only be able to finish the distance but running in a good time?

SlimNFitClub sessions, in less than an hour per session, awaken and shake your dormant muscles or muscles that you have forgotten were there; with cardio, strength training and stretching 3 times a week. Doing it on your own is fine if you have the right techniques and discipline.  We work-out in a group of “like minded” people, inspiring and encouraging each other.  And more importantly, it is fun and enjoyable. We are just like you.  We just happen to decide to make sure we have healthy and strong bodies that are able to support and sustain for the rest of their lives.

exercise and health

SlimNFitClub is committed to help you get a great, healthy and fit body to support you in your daily activities for the rest of your life.

Or, if you are more embitious and looking to get into your best shape ever, we help you to achieve even more, together with guidance on the importance of proper eating habits, food selection and nutrition.

Optimised Impact Training (OIT)

SlimNFitClub aims to keep your physical activity levels up while varying the exercises so that different muscles are being used in turn. Our OIT (Optimised Impact Training) of 30-60 seconds per exercise put you through cardio, strength training and stretching at the same time.  OIT will take about 35-50 minutes. This kind of training is short and effective. It has a bigger impact on your heart rate and translates to burning more calories and increase the “after burn” rate greatly. Ideally, it is good to train every other day.  Realistically three times a week is a great start and gives your body enough recovery time

In a healthy body lives a healthy mind!

Its a fun and exciting way to work and move your body, together with other people who like you also enjoy to have fun while moving their bodies and understand the importance of a healthy body. In a healthy body lives a healthy mind!

We are all here because we enjoy the process to become fit, and it’s so much easier to push yourself past your usual limits when you’ve got someone motivating and leading you, and who can explain why its so beneficial.

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You may have little success in trying to lose weight, or just want to tone up your body, or walk up 4 flights of steps effortlessly; or simply wanting to have fun while exercising among friendly people.  Whatever your reasons, you get your “rewards” with SlimNFitClub.  Our participants already experienced positive changes in themselves; and get approving comments from relatives and friends.

Exercise breaks down muscle fibres, which take about 24 hours to rebuild, and each time they come back stronger. Paired with nutrition support and good food choices, exercise also helps you sleep better as your body doesn’t crave double cheese burgers instead of proper protein and nutrition.

SlimNFitClub is currently offering a FREE trial on Tuesday and Saturday. For registration of the FREE trial, use the FREE trial form on this site.


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