The Body, the exceptional piece of engineering

Looking and feeling your best is not as difficult as you might think. Your body is an exceptional piece of engineering and if you are struggling with weight or muscular gains the secret is not always more exercise, it could be nutrition.

The right nutrition can contribute as much as 80% to your overall success, yes 80%!

Many of us don’t realize it but our bodies are designed to keep us looking good if we allow it. However, because of incorrect or poor nutrition intake we block the body in becoming good looking! If we understand how to balance nutrition and exercise,  the body can once again do its wonderful thing.

The “trick” with the Pancreas

The Pancreas is a small gland just behind the stomach that regulates two very important hormones called Insulin and Glucagon.

Which hormone is released is determined by the foods we eat. If we eat too many refined, carbohydrates and starches, our blood sugar rises and the Pancreas will release Insulin, which tells our body to store fat. By the way – if this continues for years, the Pancreas may stop functioning properly – and you develop diabetes.

On the other hand, if you limit your refined carbohydrate intake and eat more proteins, the Pancreas releases Glucagon, which burns fat.

It sounds simple, and it is.


So if you want to keep your Pancreas, flip all the way to the “Burn Fat” position you should consume about twice as much protein as you do carbohydrates.

With the consistent support and guidance from our SlimAndFitClub coaches and a bit of education, you will find out that it’s not so difficult to gain control of your own Pancreas “Switch” and start to look and feel your best.

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