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What a fantastic change......congrats to everybody. You're amazing

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Our Members are highly motivated and like to participate in fun sporty activities


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Of course, all results are individual results, there’s no guarantee of specific results and results can vary depending on your own commitment. However – we are doing our best to inspire and motivate every single member in achieving their individual goals.


  1. Would like to know what time n days are the classes at putra heights.? How much is the payment?

    1. Author

      In order to best advice you please fill out the form on http://www.SlimAndFitClub.com and make sure you give us your best phone number.
      We will call you and explain everything during our call (2-3 minutes) and like to invite you for a free trial. This is the most important step for your. After all – you will need to like our program in order to get results – that is the reason we have the free trial. Please check your email for more detailed reply.

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