Exercise better with a easy simple breathing method

It sounds so easy: You run, and you breathe.

But there’s more to breathing than you might think. Smart breathing can actually help you run faster and avoid getting hurt, independent what kind of exercise you’re doing.

To explain this simple breathing method i will use the example of running (as this is the easiest way to practise it; once you get a hang of it you can use this method for any kind of exercise).

I developed a simple breathing style that synchronizes breathing with foot strike, counting on eachbreathing_woman foot strikes the ground with each inhalation respective exhalation. The breathing style, called rhythmic breathing, aims to help runners run better and avoid injury.

If you’re able to control your breathing, you will be able to better control your pulse.  This rhythmic breathing method is based on my own experience not only as a runner, but tested in all kind of exercises i’ve being practicing the last 30 years.

Before I started using rhythmic breathing, my running was weak and exhausting. But i realised that during my weight lifting workout i’ve being using a kind of method to lift heavier weights and controlling my posture.

Therefore i started to practice a more rhythmic breathing during different cardio exercise, like running, biking or swimming.

What i discover is that it become much easier to run longer and faster.

Rhythmic breathing helps to stabilize the core and prevent impact stress injuries.

To start running and exercising with a rhythm – just practice the following:

Go for a easy walk or run – and count in a rhythm of 3 or 4 steps. Start breathing in on 4 steps and breathing out on 4 steps. Or if 4 steps is to hard – count on 3 steps in and 3 steps out.

Practice this breathing rhythm every time when you go for a run – or for any kind of cardio exercise. Focus on the breathing and it will become easier and your workout will improve tremendous.

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alo&jch_twincityAngelo is a Fitness Enthusiast. Practicing many different kind of activities, for example: Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming, Running, Skating, Indoor Climbing, Windsurfing, Golf, High Intensity Interval Training and more….
Angelo is certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor (ACE)

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