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SnFC CoachesWorking in a winning team and start your own business as

Fitness Instructor or Active Lifestyle Coach or Nordic Walking Coach!

Become a Partner with SlimAndFitClub and become a Active Lifestyle Coach and create a great

Part-time or full-time income as a freelance fitness instructor.

Independent of your current experience and business background. If you’re passionate about fitness, you can be very successful with SlimAndFitClub.


Please read everything carefully and then fill out the Form on the right side  and select “Become a coach”

Active Lifestyle Coach AngeloSlimAndFitClub is a great Opportunity for anybody who is seriously looking to exelerate in life, without the limitation of a traditional job and like to build up a stable income.

As people developing more and more interest in a active lifestyle in order to stay in shape and fit or to lose some weight, this creates a increasing demand for highly motivated Fitness Instructor’s and Personal Trainers around the world. This is a fantastic business opportunity for everybody who is passionate about fitness and ready to learn how to become successful in this industry. It is a fantastic opportunity to build up a great part time or full time income, by becoming a partner of SlimAndFitClub.

Independent if you are an experienced personal trainer or a freelance fitness instructor who like to earn more money or if you are a fitness enthusiast who like to monetize the passion for fitness as a Fitness Instructor respective Active Lifestyle Coach, we already have a proven business for our future partners ready.

Business Opportunity

Click here and fill out the Form on the right side  and select “Become a coach”

You may even start generating income on Part time, 5-6 hours per week, learning and building up your own SlimAndFitClub business with our support and proven business tools. We will train you in one or more discipline of our fitness program (SnFC-Superfit, KpopX-Fitness, NordicWalking), depending on your preferences.

Are you able to commit for 3 evenings per week?

In order to turn your passion for fitness into a income producing activity, we will teach you every thing you need to know. It is not a Job with a salary system – is YOUR own business where you will be directly 100% rewarded on your effort.  
Beside the Training, we will give you the most important part: our business concept, tools , business strategies, Marketing tools and personal individual support to ensure you’re profitable from the first month onward!! BASICALLY we teach you what we’re already doing very successful. Just come and see for your self.
You will be certified by SlimAndFitClub once you pass our internal SnFC-Academy to become a Active Lifestyle Coach.

Click here and fill out the Form on the right side  and select “Become a coach” to register now to get invited for a FREE trial and short discussion, where everything will be explained to you.

Your Income as Fitness Instructor or Active Lifestyle Coach  is only limited by your imagination!

Everything we will teach you is being proven in all our existing clubs. The only way NOT to succeed is never get started! 

As a personal trainer or fitness instructor, you may already know how to exercise. But how much do you know about generating more income for your invested time in your work? Or getting some extra income on top of your salary?

If you never being a personal trainer or fitness instructor, but you have a passion for fitness, and you like to inspire and motivate other people to live a active Life, and you ‘re ready to learn and follow our exercises and healthy active Lifestyle routine,  we will teach you how to become a Active Lifestyle Coach in our team.Fitness Income

Our SnFC Coach Academy will teach and guide you step by step. This includes basic training to be a Fitness Instructor, basic Nutrition training, Business and finance training to run your club successfully and Marketing training. (

As a partner and Coach in our team, you will be able to earn more money for your invested time AND you will also be able to get your share on the total income of the club.

In the same time you will participate like all our Members in one of our club to learn directly from us how we run the class.

Active Lifestyle Coach as a Business

Our Program in SlimNFitClub is not only to improve and help customers health and fitness ( see our testimonials)– but also to lead to a great income opportunity for serious Lifestyle Coaches who like to earn money. Our specially designed SnFC Academy is the way to a financially successful Active Lifestyle Coach (see our coaches)

We guide you and we teach and train you in our SlimAndFitClub Mastercenter. You will be able to earn immediately money after you passed our internal basic training and the SnFC Academy.

You start in one of our centre (see our locations) 3 times per week,  for 4 weeks plus 2 1/2  day on  weekends. Additional you will need to attend once a week a training in our Mastercenter for training with our Master Coach.

Independent of your experience level, you will be able to learn and run your own “small business” in short time of period. And you will always have the support form our experienced partners. We will setup together with you your first Class in your chosen area to make sure it is  convenient for yourself to reach.

You will get a call from one of our  Coaches within the next 2 days to fix a personal interview appointment. Make sure you complete the form correctly, Click here and fill out the Form on the right side  and select “Become a coach”.

During the Interview all your questions will be answered. We like to work with people we like – don’t you? However – remember that you need to be able to commit for 3 evenings per week in order to be a part in our team.

Interview and FREE workout will take about 1.5 hours of your time – make sure you reserve enough time – and you are ON TIME for the interview and the FREE workout!

Head Coaches:

Angelo: International Head Coach (over 20 years experience), Founder of SlimAndFitClub,  (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer  & Group Fitness Instructor, SnFC Fitness Instructor,  Nutrition Coach

Joanna: Malaysia & Singapore Head Coach (over 10 years experience), Co-Founder of SlimAndFitClub, Certified KpopXFitness Instructor, SnFC Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Coach

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