Working in a winning team and start earning money as Nutrition- and Wellness Coach!

Learn more about becoming a Partner with SlimAndFitClub and become a Nutrition- and Wellness Coach and create a great part-time or full-time income.

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SnFC Coaches

What is a Nutrition- and Wellness Coach?

We are helping people to improve there overall Well being by guiding our Members in 3 important areas of there life:

  • Nutrition: how a few easy changes in the diet plan can improve energy level, health, fitness and body shape. If needed we also introduce nutrition supplements
  • Fitness: SnFC conduct fitness classes to support weight goals (gain-/loose weight; improve lean body mass), and getting in the best shape ever
  • Wellness: is the result of combining nutrition, fitness and a active lifestyle

Part-time or full-time, as Nutrition- and Wellness Coach you will have a steady income.

Independent of your current experience and business background. If you’re passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping people, you can be very successful with SlimAndFitClub.

Active Lifestyle Coach Angelo

Everybody seems to agree, great fitness level is not possible without good nutrition. In fact, nutrition is responsible for a big amount of your performance level, and in combination with the right exercise and mind set, top performance can be achieved.

If you are passionate about helping people in getting fit and into a great shape, ready to support them to build up a new active Lifestyle, we like to meet you.

Ask yourself a few important questions –

  • Have you ever wanted to own your own business?
  • Do you have a passion for nutrition and sport?
  • Are you motivated to make a positive impact?
  • Do you have the drive to be better every day?
  • Would you like to be part of a high performance team?

If you answered YES to all of the above….
our SnFC Centre awaits YOU!

SlimAndFitClub is a great Opportunity for anybody who is seriously looking to exelerate in life, without the limitation of a traditional job and like to build up a stable income.

We have a increaveggieplatesing demand for highly motivated Nutrition- and  Wellness Coaches  or Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers around the world. This is a fantastic business opportunity for everybody who is ready to learn how to become successful in this industry and the opportunity to build up a great part time or full time income, by becoming a partner of SlimAndFitClub.

As a partner, we give you the ability, with our packaged business model and turn-key operations, to extend this experience through your own SnFC Centre.

Fitness Income

We are interested in partnering with exceptional people, carrying a “whatever it takes” attitude to help us accelerate our impact in your community.  Together, we will enjoy the journey, connecting with our members.

Independent if you are an experienced personal trainer who like to combine nutrition and fitness and earn more money or if you are a nutrition enthusiast who like to monetize the passion for nutrition and helping people to get fit, as a Nutrition and Wellness Coachwe like to meet you and would love to get a chance to explain to you how yourself can become an important pillar of or business.

You may even start generating income on Part time, 5-6 hours per week, learning and building up your own SlimAndFitClub business with our support and proven business tools. We will train you in one or more discipline of our fitness program (Nutrition for everybody, SnFC-Superfit, KpopX-Fitness, NordicWalking, Body transformation camp), depending on your preferences.

Your Income asNutrition- and Wellness Coach  is only limited by your imagination!

You may call directly +60172069955 or click on the button to get a call.

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During our SnFC Coach Academy you will learn everything step by step.


As a partner and Coach in our team, you will be able to earn more money for your invested time AND you will also be able to get additional commission payout the Nutrition Revenue generated trough the club.

Nutrition- and Wellness Coach as a Business

You will get a call from one of our Head Coaches within the next 2 days to fix a personal interview appointment. Make sure you complete the form correctly, or call now +60172069955

During the Interview  all your questions will be answered. We like to work with people we like – don’t you? We only want to meet  people with a serious interest in Nutrition- and or Fitness.