Exercise and Motivation

Many people do not go for exercise and they will tell you they have no motivation. Dos this happen to you too?
Well i think it even happen to the pros. There are days when the mind simply does not feel like exercising.

Trick your Mind

Motivation for ExerciseBut here comes the little trick. Be sure to read carefully and follow the advice at the end of this tip. Once you follow the advice, you will have a great, exciting and motivated life with exercise. It will positively affect the rest of your life too.

I am sure you are aware that humans are doing many things out of a habit. For example, they get up in the morning and go straight to the kitchen to warm up their coffee or they go first to the bathroom or they do first their affirmations or they turn off the alarm for another 5 minutes of sleep :) Sounds familiar?

What I am saying is we all have our morning routines. Just think of your own morning routine – what are you doing when you get up in the morning? Every morning pretty the same routine right? I am sure it is.

Why is that so? Because we are beings of habit. Once we repeat something for a short period of time (21 repetitions in a row according to some research), we develop the habit of doing it, which means we just do it (for example our morning routine) without thinking too much about it.

The same goes for exercising.

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sessions and stick with it for 21 days. We help you to have fun with exercising and also to overcome motivation challenges.

You will start developing a habit for exercising. By the way, doing exercise in a team or with a group of friends can help you to “survive” the first few days. Once you overcome that, you will get excited and having fun doing it. So do not hesitate or think about it. Join us now!

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And as nutrition and exercise 

always has to go together, we will also help you to become good in doing smart food choices. Good food choices gives you more energy. More energy helps you to follow your exercise routine easier!

And remember on those days when you THINK you have no motivation and yet your body still wants to go for that exercise, follow your body and your mind will quickly realize how great and good exercising can be for the mind and body and immediately starts supporting you! This is because your body is a being of habit and your motivation comes “only” from your thinking, its only in your mind.  

Join us now and let us have fun together – Exercise with us will get you in great shape and increase your health and fitness level! Healthier body = better Lifestyle, higher motivation level for exercise and for everything you do. 

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