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First: What is a Lifestyle Coach?

CoachAdLandingLifestyle Coach is a combination of:

  • a Fitness Instructor who guides our members through our exercise program and ensure that they have fun, that it is safe and that our members get results.
  • a Wellness Coach who guides and teaches our members how to do better food choices to support a healthy lifestyle or to show our members a way to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The Fitness industry is emerging as more people are looking for a fun, supervised training because of the increasing number of inactivity related health- and weight issues.

Research shows that people are more likely to follow a fitness program if its done in a group with other members with similar goals.

Why is it rewarding to be a Lifestyle Coach?


As a Lifestyle Coach, you help people getting out of their daily work and other stresses that they may have in their lives.

You guide everybody how to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

And in return, you will get not only their happy smily faces but also their appreciation that you have helped them to change from their bad habits into an active life.

You help to change from “couch potato” (sedentary life) into a life full of movement, like exercise in our classes, going jogging or hiking and being general more active.

You teach our members how to do smart food choices in order to promote a better eating not only to lose weight, but to stay fit and healthy with a strong immune system.

And you will be able to get a lot of referrals as a appreciation of your dedication and commitment to “make the world healthier and happier”.

This will propel your business as a Lifestyle Coach with SlimAndFitClub and definitely open the door for a great part time income or a full time career.

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A Lifestyle Coach is a commited person who likes to work with people. Fitness is his/her passion and he/she likes to help and work with  people to achieve their goals.

Being a Lifestyle Coach with SlimAndFitClub is a very rewarding activity financially and personal.  SlimAndFitClub will guide and support every single step.


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