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What is KpopX-Fitness

Kpop-Fitness is a cleverly simplified K-pop dance moves combined with cardio, body toning X-ercises.

More than 100 catchy songs & constant new releases!

Burn up to 500 calories. Slim, lean & strong!


No aerobic/dance background required! Do it at your own pace!

What To Expect During Classes

KpopX Fitness is a dance fitness class where you can dance exercise up to 14 K-Pop songs in 50 minutes. It cleverly simplifies Kpop dance moves and combines them with aerobics & body toning exercises. You can join ongoing classes anytime with little or no dance or aerobics background.



Korean pop songs comprise all genres of popular music from South Korea, covering dance-pop, pop ballads, jazz, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and much more.

Our K-Pop Male singers songs tend to consist of Kpop dance moves that are more aerobics, hip-hop & even kickboxing while our K-Pop Females songs have movements that are more dancey and creative.

You will be exposed to all types of songs throughout the sessions! Our KpopX Fitness instructor will give guide and teach you to learn all the moves fast and easy.


How You Will Benefit From This Program

Not only will you have fun dancing to continuous K-Pop music, but also achieve weight loss, body toning and enjoy health benefits like increased stamina, endurance, coordination and flexibility! This is usually within 4 to 6 sessions!

We will also teach you how to do smarter food choices in your daily life to support you to achieve your goals.

 What To Expect On Your First Lesson

You don’t need an aerobics or dance background to join the our classes. But on your first lesson, it’s likely you will not experience the full 100% cardio effects as you are still trying to anticipate the moves. Remember, no one is looking at you as all eyes are on the instructor! Just enjoy the music, move your body and the dance moves will come naturally! 90% of our participants are new to this!


In short, there is no right or wrong! Just go with the flow and enjoy the music! KpopX Fitness instructors encourage you to do it at your own pace and at your comfort level, using the instructors’ fitness level as a “target” and motivation. Many of the participants do experience an increased level in their stamina, flexibility, endurance & coordination by the 4th lesson. Yes, it’s fast!

What To Bring

Water! There will be a 20 second water break after song 7, which is the highest intensity song, so you will need it! Wear covered shoes (good padding absorbs shocks), and comfortable exercise attire. K-Pop is about being happy, and just being yourself. Bring your friends and relatives too!

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