Why should you establish a habit at all? Well – it is the best way for you to change whatever you would like to change in your life. For example: stop smoking, watching less TV or reading more books; playing more or better golf; and spending more time with your family and kids. Whatever you like to do more or better in your life – establish a habit to do it, and it becomes not only easy but it will be extremely rewarding.

And this applies, of course, with your health, fitness and exercise habits.

How to establish a new exercise and good food habit

Strong health, fitness or lifestyle goals


First – you want to get clear goals in your life, for example strong health, fitness or lifestyle goals. For example it’s good to have a health goal. Staying healthy all your life, even as you age. And let’s face it – it is easier to grow old when we are healthy, right?

However – we cannot wait until we are already old or already sick! We have to start NOW,

Health is a life long project. Health, good fitness and energy level has to built up over time, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year.

But don’t be scared about this – you will fall in love with your “new YOU”, and the thought of this will turn the process into a great habit. Making better food choices, exercising 3-4 times per week, having enough resting and sleeping time.220px-USDA_Food_Pyramid

Once you establish this new habit for a new and healthier and fitter you – it is so easy to follow through.

I am sure you already have many habits developed during so far – we all have. And if you’re honest – you also know, not all habits are good habits. Just think about what you are eating usually, automatically, without much thought. Is it not already a habit? Or what you do on a Sunday morning if you don’t need to go work? Isn’t it almost every Sunday morning the same? It is a habit.

Research shows that it takes only 21 consistent repetitions to develop a new habit. For example, take the stairs to your apartment instead the elevator at least once a day.  At the beginning, it seems to be to hard – however, once you do it for 21 days in a row – you will discover two important facts: Firstly – you start doing it automatically – because its already a habit. Secondly – you become better doing it, so it also becomes easier to do it every day.

The same is true for anything you like to change in your life.

Getting healthy and fit and doing better food choices is easy to learn and simple to establishing a new habit.

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And if you can do it in a team, with others sharing the same goal, it becomes much, much easier to overcome the first 21 days. With patient guidance from trained and experienced Coaches, like in our SlimNFitClub, you will learn everything – step by step, and becoming better day by day, week by week. We teach you how to make good food choices. We help you with our special designed SlimNFitClub program to dramatically improve your fitness level, and with our nutrition program you can feel the difference within the first week!ng better food choices are easy to learn and simple to establishing a new habit.

Remember, first you want to set some health and fitness goals. Second, join our team, as doing it together its much easier and more fun. And last but not least – commit for 60 days – so you have enough time to establish a new habit and same time become a “better YOU”.   Watch out World, here comes the NEW YOU!

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