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Job scope

Usually, Personal Trainers / Fitness Coaches have several responsibilities. However, we designed a program in SlimNFitClub which guaranties results for all our program participants.

We call our personal trainer und fitness coach Activle Lifestyle Coach

Active Lifestyle Coach are helping our members not only to exercise correct in the club but also teaching an motivating our members to life a more active lifestyle by inspiring our members to participating together in sporting events like Marathon running or Viper challenge and more.

Therefore as a Active Lifestyle Coach in our center you will only need to learn how our worldwide proven program in exercise and nutrition works and follow our guidance to teach the class.

•Active Lifestyle Coach work description

Fitness Coaches are passionate about health, wellness and exercise and very important: nutrition. Fitness Coaches use their skills to help and motivate others in reaching their fitness and weight goals and work with people from many different backgrounds and abilities, from professional athletes to elderly people. The outlook as a Active Lifestyle Coach is very rewarding and fulfilling as a coaches help others to improve their health through exercise, nutrition and balanced Lifestyle.


Active Lifestyle Coach

  • instruct or coache groups in our special designed SlimNFitClub exercise activities and the fundamentals of sports and nutrition;
  • demonstrate techniques and methods of participation; and
  • observe participants and inform them of corrective measures necessary to improve their results.
  • follow our guideline for healthy and smart food choices and suplements

 Active Lifestyle Coaches play a significant role in the lives of those who wish to lose weight, get and stay in shape, improve there overall health- and fitness level.

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