Protein shakes can do more than just provide balanced nutrition. Getting into the shake habit just might improve your eating habits, too. There are plenty of reasons that protein shakes are popular – they can provide you with balanced nutrition that can replace a meal, they’re quick to make, and you can get creative and customize them with all kinds of add-ins. Those are all great reasons to use them, but there are other ways that protein shakes can improve your diet and eating habits, too. Using protein shakes can also address many common obstacles to eating well and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.Read More →

Need to drink more water? Try these tips for boosting your water intake every day. “I should drink more water.” It’s something I hear from clients all the time. They know their water intake isn’t up to par – but they just can’t figure out how to drink more water than they usually do. When I ask people why they don’t drink enough water, I usually hear one of two things – many tell me that they just haven’t established a regular water-drinking habit, and lots of people I talk to say that they just “don’t like water.” I probably don’t need to remind you why drinking enoughRead More →

Myths About Running Running is both an exciting sport and a fantastic way to stay in shape. There are many differing opinions when it comes to techniques and gear regarding running, some more factual than others. Some ideas about running, however, are nothing but myths that do not stand up to scrutiny at all. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of running, it’s important to be able to distinguish reality from fantasy. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the strangest yet most enduring myths and taboos that surround the sport of running. Join us for a FREE trial and get intoRead More →

Do we need protein? Nutrients in food are critical for building and repairing body tissues and for regulating digestion, energy production and muscle contraction. The human body needs fuel in the form of calories from all three macronutrients—protein, carbohydrates and fat. Each macro plays an important role in the body and has specific functions. With all the hype around macros, and how much or little we really need of each, it seems that following a higher-protein, lower-carbohydrate diet is the way to go. Or is it? Should we be eating more protein than carbohydrates or fat? What are the best sources of protein—animal or plantRead More →