Myths About Running Running is both an exciting sport and a fantastic way to stay in shape. There are many differing opinions when it comes to techniques and gear regarding running, some more factual than others. Some ideas about running, however, are nothing but myths that do not stand up to scrutiny at all. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of running, it’s important to be able to distinguish reality from fantasy. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the strangest yet most enduring myths and taboos that surround the sport of running. Join us for a FREE trial and get intoRead More →

A Small Amount Of Intense Exercise Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Life. If you don’t break a sweat, you’re not doing it right. There’s enough time for you to get in a workout today — really. You only need to descide that you like to be and stay in a good shape, healthy and fit. And – go for it. Now. Don’t wait longer as it will never become easier. Just do it. Do it NOW! Exercise is one of the most important habits Exercise is one of the most important habits you can develop that will transform your life. Working out can makeRead More →

The difference exercise makes While most of us are probably aware of the powerful benefits of regular exercise, we’re clearly not all convinced: Just about 20 percent of American adults over the age of 18 meet the government’s recommended guidelines when it comes to physical activity, according to a CDC report. And beliefe me – the rest of the world is not much better. The average adult needs at least two hours and 30 minutes of activity each week, if it’s at a moderate intensity level, like brisk walking. Up the intensity to jogging or running or our SlimAndFitClub, and you can aim for at least 75 minutesRead More →