The answer is yes of course! Nowadays the root of most overweight problem is having too much carbohydrates and calories in our food and not enough of valuable nutrition like vitamins, minerals and proteins.

If we learn how to make better food choices (food rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and low in carbohydrates and calories), we are able to control our weight even better.  A great help is food supplement as it takes care of the need for high nutrition and yet low in calories.

For a long lasting and healthy life, exercise in combination with smart food choices and food supplements will greatly enhance the result.

Actually losing weight is easy. You eat less calories than what your body is able to burn. However, the challenge for most of us is to make sure that even we eat less, we still eat more good nutrition. Protein is a great example to help the body delays hunger. It builds up your muscles mass and it is slowly digested in your body. Therefore you do not feel hungry easily.

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