young_old_running-smallBiological Age is more important then you “real” Age showing in your passport.

What is Biological Age


Biological, or physiological, age is a measure of how well or poorly your body is functioning relative to your actual calendar age.

For example, you may have a calendar or chronological age of 61, but because of a healthy and active lifestyle (avoiding longevity threats like tobacco and obesity), your body is physiologically more similar to someone with a chronological age of 46. Your biological age would therefore be 46.

While not an exact science, the concept of biological age can incorporate objective measures like resting heart rate, blood pressure, and visual acuity, as well as more subjective criteria like ease of performing daily tasks, muscle strength and general mobility.

x-ray_runningHere’s your chance to check out where your lifestyle choices are leading you. Have your lifestyle choices led you to the point where biologically you are younger or older than your real age. For that matter maybe you’ll find out that your biological age is the age you really want to be.

Which lifestyle choice is making the most difference to your age? Find out and then ask yourself if it’s time for a change.

There is no recipe for a long live

Die körperliche Fitness ist ein guter Indikator für die Gesundheit von Herz und Gefässen, aber auch um die Lebenserwartung
A good indicator for your health and your hearth is your general fitness level.
People who are exercising above average are relative “younger” then people who are not doing any kind of physical activities.
Meaning, there biological age shows a younger age. This translates into a healthier person.

A medical team of the University NTNU in Trondheim, Nheartthree_600x450orway, developed a simple questionary to be able to determine quite accurate the health- und fitness level and the biological age of a person. Try it out yourself on, it just takes a few minutes. Keep in mind this is just a theoretical calculation and not necessarily the absolute correct. It’s good enough to give you a idea about your current situation.

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