Sometimes is good to have a personal trainer

Training with a personal trainer seems to be luxury but clearly allows to optimize every session to your specific needs, time and location.

Like in our group exercise class, our personal trainer will show and guide you to make sure you perform the exercise properly.  All the exercises will be specifically programmed towards your pesonal fitness and physical goals as well to your current ability.

As working with a personal trainer is specifically designed to your current situation, needs and goals, we can only accept maximum 2 persons at a time.

We can accomodate to your time schedule and locations. Training can be indoor or outdoor or a combination – depending on your preference and goals.

A preliminary discussion will clarify all your questions you may have and allow us to design the best program for you. Fill out the form or whatsapp us.


Angelo L.

(ACE) Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor
Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Wellness Coach
Yoga for recovery
(ACE) Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
Nutrition- and Sport Nutrition Coach
Nordic Walking Instructor
HIIT Trainer
Founder SlimAndFitClub
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