What is SlimNFitClub?



We are dedicated to help everybody to live a healthier life full of energy. In order to achieve this, we have developed a great program, taking exercise and nutrition into equal consideration.

Independent of your age, sex or current activity level – you can do it!


  • Do you want to lose weight? – Great!
  • Do you want to build up your stamina? -Welcome!
  • Do you just want to have more fun while exercising? – Fantastic!
  • Do you want to know the RIGHT FOOD to your best shape and keep that forever? – You are in the RIGHT team

We are an exciting group who ARE FIT and believe in helping others to be FIT, without feeling it to be a chore! We show, guide and fitgirlcoach you through the best combination of exercise, nutrition program and fat burning food.
Give yourself 2 months with us to build up your stamina and burn fat; and 4 months to be in the best shape ever!!!

This is the absolute best Fat Burner program ever! !

We are having free introductory sessions, free body assessment and sample nutrition for you to help you to find out if you will be as excited as we are!!!

We contact you to inform of our new club opening in your area.

First Session:

Our unique SlimNFitClub concept will help you to achieve your desired goal:

      • Best body shape ever
      • Best stamina ever
      • Best combination of nutrition and fat burner program
      • And most important – most fun and exciting program, EVERYBODY can do it!


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